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We started in Seattle, then moved our operations to Milwaukee, now we work and write in Madison, Wisconsin!

Our newest book is entitled Through This Door - Wisconsin in Poems, edited by Margaret Rozga, current Wisconsin Poet Laureate, and Angie Trudell Vasquez, current city of Madison Poet Laureate and co-founder of Art Night Books. Book designer, Wendy Vardaman. Jodi Vander Molen, Copy Editor. Title published November 2020, 105 pages and available now for $20 plus $4 for S&H. We accept checks, Zelle and Venmo. Reserve your copy now, this epic collection is the first of its kind and includes all the poets laureate of Wisconsin, and poets across the state. Profits will be donated to the Wisconsin Poet Laureate Commission. Book is also available at Woodland Pattern and Boswell's in Milwaukee, and A Room of One's Own in Madison. Who we are: When we lived in Seattle instead of going out to the bars or to hang with friends we would have an "art night" instead. This became our practice and we would work two hours a night after our day jobs. Early on we only published our work or that of our family, my father in law is also a poet. Then we began to expand, and co founder Angie Trudell Vasquez, began publishing other people's work and found great joy in bringing out other voices. Titles included Revolution & Reclamation, and Cries for Justice, now Art Night Books is releasing Through This Door - Wisconsin In Poems, with Wisconsin Poet Laureate, Margaret Rozga. Art Nights Books published two collections of poetry by Angie entitled, The Force Your Face Carries, in Seattle, and Love in War Time, in Milwaukee. In May 2019, Finishing Line Press printed half her MFA thesis entitled, In Light, Always Light. Co founder, Devin Trudell, released two dramatic comic novels entitled, The Man Who Lived With Roaches and Three Stories, where he illustrated poems of his father in two of the pieces. Devin is currently working on writing, illustrating and researching the history of propaganda.

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